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Saltwater Fish & Corals

Saltwater Fish

Featuring species from all over the world!

Ocean Gallery has over 2000 gallons worth of  saltwater tanks on display featuring healthy fish.  Various types of Clownfish, Triggerfish, Tangs, Lionfish, Angels, Firefish, Wrasses, and Damsels are always available.  We also have many other exotic and rare species available.  We receive deliveries constantly, so our inventory always is changing!  Come see what's on display and check out our weekly newsletter!



Coral & Inverts

Create and customize a beautiful reef tank!

At Ocean Gallery, we feature multiple varieties of corals and invertebrates.  In addition to our Saltwater Fish displays, we also feature New Jersey's largest Coral and Invert displays, with over 30 tanks and 2500 gallons..  Beautiful specimens from all over the world fill our tanks bringing stunning visuals to each display.  Zoanthids, Anemones, Mushrooms, and various hard corals are always available.  We can also place special orders for generally anything you're looking for!

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